Booking Rule

Guidelines for Online Hotel Bookings in Bangladesh:

  1. Valid Identification: Ensure accurate guest details, matching valid identification, are provided during booking.

  2. Payment Security: Use secure online payment gateways to protect financial information.

  3. Cancellation Policies: Understand cancellation terms before booking; be aware of refund conditions.

  4. Contact Details: Provide correct contact information for effective communication.

  5. Room Preferences: Specify room requirements to ensure a comfortable stay.

  6. Check-in/Check-out: Familiarize yourself with hotel check-in/out times.

  7. Local Customs: Respect local customs and regulations during your stay.

  8. Reviews & Ratings: Consider guest reviews and ratings when selecting accommodations.

  9. Health & Safety: Prioritize hotels adhering to health and safety guidelines.

  10. Verified Platforms: Use reputable booking platforms for reliable reservations.

Experience a seamless stay by following these guidelines. Happy travels!"